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What to Do on Your First Parisian Adventure

Eiffel Tower / AdobeStock
Paris cast a spell on me, as it does with many who flip through the pages of travel and fashion magazines and books filled with spellbinding lyrical prose and photographs that capture the romance and grittiness of the City of Lights. ...
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Venturini: Where Priests Go to ‘Be Cured’ of Homosexuality

Faith and Religion
Where is the one place you can find pedophiles, drug addicts and gay priests all in the same place? A monastery near the Alps, according to The Independent. ...
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Italy’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ruled a Human Rights Violation

Currently there are only 20 nations in the world that have legalized same-sex marriage, while Mexico has legalized it in certain regions of their country. ...
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Giorgio Armani to Men: Don’t Dress Homosexual

Top News National
Armani told the Sunday Times that, “A homosexual man is a man 100 percent. He does not need to dress homosexual. ...
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Amanda Knox Gives Journalism Another Shot Post-Murder Trial

Amanda Knox is now writing for the West Seattle Herald.
Top News Local
West Seattle native Amanda Knox has taken up the task of freelancing for the West Seattle Herald. ...
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Vatican Attitudes Are Changing for the LGBT Community and Why It Should Matter to All of Us

Top News Editorial Faith and Religion
If you’re a practicing Catholic, and an LGBT person, you get why this is a big deal. It’s not easy to practice a religion that doesn’t support who you are. ...
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