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DOJ and BOP Sued for Records on Rollback of Protections for Transgender Prisoners

Transgender inmate Passion Star will be moved to Safekeeping following repeated acts of violence and rape.
The changes weaken protections for incarcerated transgender people – who are already 10 times more likely than the general prison population to be targeted for violence. ...
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Documents Requested from DOJ Rollback of Protections for Transgender Prisoners

Lambda Legal and the SPLC will review the documents provided by BOP and decide what legal actions, if any, need to be taken next to protect transgender people in the federal criminal justice system. ...
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Unanimous Ruling in Washington State Supreme Court Against Arlene’s Flowers Owner

Arlene's Flowers Owner Barronelle Stutzman
Top News Local
The couple and Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson sued Stutzman for violating Washington state's law protecting against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. ...
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Federal Court Orders Alabama Marriage Equality Statewide

Top News Politics
A federal district court ordered that all Alabama probate judges comply with the U.S. Constitution and may not refuse marriage licenses to same-sex couples. ...
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Oregon Becomes Fourth Jurisdiction to Protect LGBT Kids from Conversion Therapy

Top News Health
Oregon now becomes the fourth jurisdiction behind California, New Jersey and the District of Columbia to ban conversion therapy. ...
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National Finance Company Sued for Firing Trans Employee

Tristan Broussard
Top News National
In recent months, the EEOC and the U.S. Department of Justice have filed lawsuits on behalf of transgender employees who faced discrimination by employers. ...
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Judge Rules Conversion Therapy Group Can’t Claim Homosexuality a Disorder

SPLC Plaintiffs Benjamin Unger and Chaim Levin
Top News Health
Conversion therapy is rejected by all major American medical, psychiatric, psychological and professional counseling organizations. ...
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