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TED-Ed Seattle Educator is Giving Teachers and Students a Platform to Express Identity

Photo: Hannah Pickering
Seattle educator Kristin Leong is giving teachers and students a platform to express identity and connect through TED-Ed Innovation project. ...
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Kansas Native Comes Out During London TED Talk

Morgana Bailey has been hiding her true self for 16 years. In a brave talk, she utters four words that might not seem like a big deal to some, but to her have been paralyzing.
Top News International
After 16 years in hiding, a Kansas native came out as a lesbian during her TED@State Street London talk. ...
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First Transgender TED Speaker Geena Rocero Launches Gender Proud

Top News Health
Gender Proud will work alongside the LGBT justice organization AllOut to target countries where gender marker legislation is at a “tipping point.” ...
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