‘Tales from the Pants’ Will Keep You On Your Toes

‘Tales from the Pants’ Will Keep You On Your Toes

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Photo: Conrado Tapado
Photo: Conrado Tapado

For four nights and just six performances, this ghastly crew of nine talented gay men will sit around the Erickson Theatre campfire and share –through song – their hilarious spin on classic ghost stories, urban legends, horror comics and gothic novels. Talking ravens, a prom gone wrong, drag queens from beyond the grave, a taxi ride that ends in the afterlife, and an aging vampire with denture fangs –this is what Captain Smartypants’ (CSP) spring concert Tales from the Pants is all about.

Original songs performed by CSP include “Drag Queens in the Sky,” “Arm Soup,” “Symphony for the Devil,” and “Thank God It’s Friday the 13th.” All performances are for mature audiences only.

Tales from the Pants is directed by Seattle Men’s Chorus’ Assistant Artistic Director and CSP Director Eric Lane Barnes, and the cast includes: David Caldwell, Jeffrey Erickson, Joshua Herrington, Rad Milosavljevic, David Nilsson, Jason Reuer, Dante Rodriguez, Paul Rosenberg, and Tyler Smith. Tales from the Pants is presented by James Alan Salon & Spa.

Tickets are $25 and are on sale now online here. The Box Office is (206) 388-1400, and open Mon-Fri, Noon-7:00 p.m. The Erickson Theatre is located at 1524 Harvard Ave. in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle and features a full bar and snacks!

Captain Smartypants is a homosexual vocal comedy group. They have performed all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, thrilling, delighting and alarming audiences from Washington D.C. to San Francisco. Since their inception in 2000, Captain Smartypants has performed with Ann Wilson, Jennifer Holliday, Kelli O’Hara, Kristin Chenoweth, Melissa Manchester, American Idol finalist Blake Lewis, and was Seattle’s warm-up act for Margaret Cho when she filmed The Notorious C.H.O. in 2002.

Captain Smartypants all live together in a tree house in Yelm, where they weave their own clothing out of wild vines. Their favorite color is “plaid” and they eat nothing but circus peanuts and fiddlehead ferns. Eric Lane Barnes, Flying House Productions’ Assistant Artistic Director, is their trepid leader.



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