Target Attacks Gay Rights Again and Sues Canvass For A Cause in San Diego

Target Attacks Gay Rights Again and Sues Canvass For A Cause in San Diego

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The never-ending saga of Target versus the gays continues as the Minnesota-based Target Corp. sues San Diego pro-gay marriage group Canvass For A Cause to halt canvassing outside of the retailer’s California stores.

Target previously made a $150,000 contribution to anti-gay Minnesota Republican candidate Tom Emmer’s campaign. Lady Gaga also recently pulled out of a record merchandising deal with Target for their unpopular stance on anti-gay rights.

The controversial corporation says at least eight Target stores in the San Diego area have received more than a dozen complaints daily since canvassers started working the locations in October 2010. The activists have refused to leave when asked politely and shown the company’s policy prohibiting “expressive activity” on its property, according to Target.

Canvass For A Cause attorney Bryan W. Pease retained that sidewalks and areas outside stores such as Target have been considered by courts to be public domain for free speech. He said Target is taking action because it does not agree with the group’s message about gay marriage.

“It’s very David vs. Goliath,” Canvass For A Cause Director Tres Watson said. “We understand they’re the Goliath in the room. They’ve got all money in world to get us to stop talking about gay marriage.”

Superior Court Judge Jeffrey B. Barton is expected to deliver his ruling next week.

Check out the official court document here and read more here.



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