Tel Aviv’s Pink Winter Festivities Expect Thousands

Tel Aviv’s Pink Winter Festivities Expect Thousands

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Tel Aviv gay photo
Photo by [nivs]
Israel is in the midst of their “Nonstop Gay Festival,” a two week festival that started on Christmas Eve in hopes of drawing in tourists.

Tel Aviv is promoting their warm winters and play off their “gay capital of the Middle East” namesake. They are expecting tens of thousands to attend the street parties.

“So we’re tapping into the potential of people from Europe during the holiday season, where it’s cold right now, and the average temperature in Tel Aviv is going to be 20 degrees, relatively hot, especially compared to Europe,” Pink Winter festival spokeswoman Hannah Confino said.

The festivities will include a gay film festival, a Eurovision song night, beach parties, exhibitions, open studios, and workshops.

The campaign encouraging gay tourists is a sand snowman wearing a gay pride flag swim suit with the tagline: “The forecast: It’s going to be a hot winter.”

Pink Winter ends January 7.



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