Terminally-Ill Filmmaker JD Disalvatore Dedicates Rest of Her Life to Saving Dogs

Terminally-Ill Filmmaker JD Disalvatore Dedicates Rest of Her Life to Saving Dogs

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JD Disalvatore
JD Disalvatore

Award winning  filmmaker JD Disalvatore was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer four years ago, but that hasn’t slowed down her activism or filmmaking. Now combining both endeavors, she is dedicating her time and talents to the movement to make Los Angeles a no-kill city, and is making a documentary about the fight called How To Save a Dog.

The indiegogo campaign was launched to raise money for the production of the documentary and can be viewed at: HowToSaveADog.com.

How to Save A Dog is a feature documentary project that provides a compelling inside look at what it takes to rescue animals in America.

Cats and dogs are considered family members in America, yet millions are killed every year just because they are unwanted.

In Los Angeles, the rescue community has been working on a movement to make the city “no kill” – which means that no animals would be euthanized for space. This seems like a monumental goal for any city,  yet currently L.A. is close to the tipping point where this actually could be attainable.

In addition to the feature documentary, 20-30 educational internet videos will be made for social media to educate and engage anyone interested in helping make our nation “no-kill.” These videos will be directed by an award winning documentary filmmakers and will cover various subject matters from “How To Become at Dog/Cat Foster” to “How to Introduce Your new Cat or Dog to your other Pets.”

Now is the time for everyone who cares to get involved. This documentary will take you on that journey, and the short videos will engage more to join in the fight.

JD Disalvatore
JD Disalvatore

“When I started volunteering at my local animal shelter, I didn’t know the first thing about animal rescue,” says Disalvatore, who has won over 50 awards from film festivals around the world with her work. “As in any revolution or triage situation, you have hundreds of people in so many different capacities working together – and sometimes at odds – to rescue, foster, transport, groom, train, rehabilitate, and find homes for the millions of unwanted dogs and cats in America. I was not only captivated by the ingenuity, bravery and gumption of the rescuers, but also completely sucked into the world of the animals themselves. I feel compelled to share that with everyone, especially people that are interested in helping.”

How to Save a Dog will paint an intimate portrait of one city shelter and chronicle their efforts to save animals, along with the large rescue organizations and the small rescue people that fight for dogs and cats everyday.

There is a lot of overlap between the LGBT community and the rescue world.

“I think it’s not hard for us to imagine what it’s like to be lonely or unwanted,” adds Disalvatore.

With that in mind, the documentary will also feature two lesbian dog rescuers who run their own 503/c rescues out of their homes: Natalie Garcia of MaeDay Rescue and Kristen Rosiar from Pardon the Pups.

There are things everyone can do…from as simple as donating old blankets to local shelters, to sharing a dog’s shelter photo, or not letting their cat have kittens. People connect with what they see and what touches them emotionally, and a well produced video is a touchstone for getting new people in the community involved in the no-kill movement.

Disalvatore is determined to see this done before she dies of cancer.



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