Thank President Obama Thursday at the Paramount Theater

Thank President Obama Thursday at the Paramount Theater

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President Barack Obama has announced his support for same-sex marriage. Join The Seattle Lesbian and Seattle Gay News Thursday to say “thank you” for giving us change we can believe in.

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President Barack Obama

Join the Seattle Gay News (George Bakan, Shaun Knittel, James Whitely) and The Seattle Lesbian (Charlene Strong, Sarah Toce) at the Paramount Theater in Seattle tomorrow, 1:45pm with signs, balloons, rainbow flags, drag – anything fun! – to say THANK YOU to President Obama as he arrives for a fundraiser.

SGN Photographer, Nate Gowdy, will be on hand to capture the magic and Dru Dinero will film the event.

It’s simple: Meet in front of the Paramount and stage a peaceful demonstration saying, THANK YOU. 
Are you in?



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  1. I am very happy for the Lesbian and Gay community that our President Barrack Obama recognizes equality for every American. As a 12year U.S Army Gulf War Veteran these are the freedoms that I swore to under our United States Constitution along with many soldiers who served honorably under my direction and with me who were Lesbian and Gay. This is a Great Day in the History of America and a major step forward.

    Again my Congratulations to the Lesbian And Gay Community, their family, friends, Co-workers and supporters.

    Rick Tillman
    CEO/Radio Personality

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