The Best Food Travel Destination for 2020

The Best Food Travel Destination for 2020

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There will come a time when you win that Jackpot prize at an online casino and think about traveling around the world. Well, if you are a foodie, then you should definitely go on a food and wine tasting tour around the world.

Here is a list of some of the destinations that you can try out and get the most from your casino de jeux money.

Bologna in Italy

Now we know where the name spaghetti Bolognese comes from. Italy is well known for its delicious spaghetti dishes!

However, spaghetti is not the only thing that this travel destination is famous for. If you are a fried food person then this is your ultimate city.

It is well known for the best finger foods and because it is Italy, it is definitely cheesy.

Boyne Valley: Ireland

Be sure to get that royal treatment you have been dreaming about and imagining all you like in the Boyne Valley.

The area is mainly a seafood area which is in the middle of castles, cairns, and even old tombs.

Therefore, you get that full historic and food travel tour. It’s a win-win!

If you are not a seafood fan you can try out their smoked garlic and blue cheese dishes while you playing at best online casinos in the usa. Or just have a sip of their famous craft beer.

Peru: Cusco

Well, what do you think when you hear about rice with duck in spices and dark beer?

You definitely must try this place to see for yourself, or should we say taste for yourself.

Peru comes with a lot of different unique dishes that will be worth traveling for. Form guinea pig to corn cakes and so many more.

The Western Cape of South Africa

After enjoying the amazing western cape sea feature, you can go ahead and have the best-braided meat ever!

The Western Cape is well known for the many braai competitions meaning that it must have the best-braaied meat in the world.



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