The Blue Walk Tour Specialists Offer Expanding Program of European Guided Walking Vacations

The Blue Walk Tour Specialists Offer Expanding Program of European Guided Walking Vacations

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Jeannette and Suzy/The Blue Walk
Jeannette and Suzy/The Blue Walk

The growing demand for soft adventure vacations from active professionals and aging baby boomers who still feel the “spring” in their steps has created exceptional opportunities for companies like The Blue Walk, a Florida-based guided walking tour specialist. The company offers small group walking vacations throughout France, Italy, Greece, and England, with experienced guides who lead enthusiasts along the blue coastlines, picturesque villages and scenic open spaces of some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. The Blue Walk also offers themed art, yoga and wine appreciation tours led by experts in their fields. The groups stay in boutique hotels and luxury resorts along the way, depending on the itinerary.

“Today’s travelers are more active, eager to immerse themselves in the environment, culture, and uniqueness of the places they visit,” said Jeannette Candau, co-owner of The Blue Walk.  “A walking tour lets them experience our destinations from a personal level, rub shoulders with the locals, see nature first-hand, all while enjoying the company of like-minded travelers who take pleasure in doing the same things they do.”
The Blue Walk concept began on the French Riviera, where its founder was impressed with the coastal walking trails and beauty of the area. The company, originally founded as “Cruise, Tour, Travel!” in 2011, started with a special tour of the French Riviera, expanding its program as the popularity of its tours grew.  Today, co-owners and wives Candau and Suzy Schutz carry on the traditions of bringing unique, authentic experiences to their clients, delivered “with the highest level of creativity and care.”
While their tours are led by experienced guides and experts in their fields, Jeannette and Suzy are also active participants. They personally oversee many of their tours, talking with their clients, evaluating the guides and places visited. This allows them to gain valuable, first-hand insight into ways to continuously enhance the experience, as well as explore opportunities for new and unique tours.
“The Blue Walk is about immersing yourself in healthy and spiritually elevating experiences, seeing the beauty and wonders of the world – all in a safe and supportive environment of like-minded people,” said Jeannette.  “Every tour is a voyage of discovery, where people experience some of the world’s most serene surroundings; where you can breathe in the fresh air of the countryside or inhale the rich history of a storybook village, look up at a big, open sky, or gaze out at the endless expanse of tranquil blue waters.”



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