The Buono Campaign Utilizes 20 Prominent LGBT Leaders

The Buono Campaign Utilizes 20 Prominent LGBT Leaders

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8917007_448x252In 2009, when Democratic leadership failed to pass marriage equality in the State Senate, Senator Barbara Buono cast an historical vote in favor of marriage equality while speaking passionately on the Senate Floor urging the Democratic Party Leadership to support the legislation. Sen. Buono is committed to make it law when elected Governor this November.

In addition to her fight for marriage equality, Sen. Buono has sponsored and advocated for legislation to end transgender discrimination. In 2011, Sen. Buono was honored by Garden State Equality for her advocacy and sponsorship of one of the toughest pieces of anti-bullying legislation in the country.

“I am proud to endorse and chair this committee to make our case to all pro-equality voters in New Jersey why Barbara Buono is the best candidate to challenge [Gov.] Chris Christie in November. She provides a clear contrast and will give the voters a clear choice,” stated Babs Casbar Siperstein, former President of the New Jersey Stonewall Democrats.

“As one of the first openly gay elected officials in the State of New Jersey and as Deputy Mayor of Asbury Park, I am proud to add my name to the long line of LGBT supporters for Barbara Buono’s candidacy for Governor. As a staunch ally of the LGBT community in the State Senate, we can count on Senator Buono to be a pro-equality leader for all New Jerseyans,” stated Asbury Park Deputy Mayor John Loffredo.

“Senator Barbara Buono has been standing tall for all New Jerseyans, including those who happen to be LGBT, throughout her career. We need a Governor like her – a leader for all, not just for some,” stated Sue Fulton, an Obama-Biden 2012 Delegate and a 1980 West Point Graduate. President Obama appointed Fulton to the West Point Board of Visitors, making her the first openly gay member of the board that advises the Academy.

The LGBT Outreach Committee for the Primary Race is noted here.



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