The Greatest Women’s Sporting Achievements So Far in 2019

The Greatest Women’s Sporting Achievements So Far in 2019

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To say that 2019 has been a great year for women in sports is an understatement. The increased exposure and mainstream acceptance women are now beginning to see has led to sportswomen finally starting to be as respected as their male peers. Of course, the best thing about the increased participation of girls in sports is the impressive results that many have achieved. This has inspired a new generation of sportswomen to strive to become the sporting heroes of tomorrow.

But what have been the best sporting achievements by women so far in 2019?

US women’s soccer team wins World Cup

Although this is a group of women rather than just one, they must be included in our list. When it comes to females in sport who really stepped up in 2019, they are hard to beat. The main reason is the US triumph in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup which saw them bring the trophy home. This was after a strong performance in the group and knockout stages which put them into a final with the Netherlands.

Goals from Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle saw them win 2-0 in the final – amazingly this was the team’s second consecutive World Cup win in soccer. The stand-out performer and most well-known name was Rapinoe who was not only excellent on the field of play all tournament but also a hero to many for her outspoken views around gender equality. In the end she not only got the award for player of the tournament but also the top scorer prize.

Dina Asher-Smith takes three medals

Athletics is one sport where strong women have always done well. The famous World Championships were recently held in Doha and one name stood out in particular – British star Dina Asher-Smith. To put her achievements into perspective, she became the first Brit to win three medals at a major worldwide athletics competition. She first scooped a silver in the 100 meters race before going one better to take gold in the 200 meters. To cap off her brilliant championship, she then took part in the British relay team which won silver. Asher-Smith had been talked about as a global star in waiting for a while before Doha – this was the competition when she delivered.

Simone Biles shines in Stuttgart

US gymnast Simone Biles is one of the greatest women ever to grace sports and has racked up a massive 25 World medals and 19 World Gold medals in gymnastics. She has also become the female gymnast with the most all-round World titles with five wins. 2019 saw her performing to her best with a string of superb achievements at the World Gymnastic Championships in Stuttgart, Germany. Stunning displays saw her take gold on the vault, balance beam and floor exercises to really make it a tournament to remember for her. When you add this to the team gold medal she got with the USA, it all made for a very impressive achievement by an outstanding athlete.

Halep hits it for an ace at Wimbledon

One of the rising female stars in tennis is surely Simona Halep. This Romanian ace has been one to watch for a while now with a victory in the French Open in 2018: 2019 saw her go one better, winning arguably the premier prize in tennis – Wimbledon. Interestingly, Halep had not been in great form going into the tournament but soon found her feet. The final was an intense match against Serena Williams which many thought Halep would lose. In a way, this is what makes her achievement so special. She made short work of Williams in under an hour to clinch the title and emerge victorious.

A great year for women in sport

What the above clearly shows is just what a great year 2019 has been for women in sport. When you add in other achievements you could mention, such as the thrilling Solheim Cup battle in Scotland, then it is obvious just what a superb state of health it is in. As more credit is rightfully given to female sporting icons and more positive attention is given to women’s sport, then we can only hope 2020 is as good.



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