The Seattle Lesbian Exclusive: God-Des & She Release ‘Love Machine’ Music Video Today!

The Seattle Lesbian Exclusive: God-Des & She Release ‘Love Machine’ Music Video Today!

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The Seattle Lesbian is pleased to announce the highly-anticipated new music video release from hip-hop/pop/soul duo God-Des & She!

The group known for always blurring the lines of classification take it one step farther with a classic video for this sexy, up-tempo hip-hop/pop song.

The music video for “Love Machine,” the latest single from their most recent album Three, premiered on MTV Logo’s Poplab on March 31st. Watch as God-Des & She are transported back in time in their giant bunny Love Machine and with an wonder woman spin, caught in a West Side Story face-off of Greasers versus Preps.

Culminating in an old school drag race with rival gang leader played by American Idol Finalist RJ Helton, God-Des & She have brought the finger snappin, retro groove of this highly addictive track from the soundboard to the screen.

Shot on location in Tucson, AZ, the video features members of Tucson’s premiere gender performance troupe Boys R Us.

“The community of Tucson really came together to support this video, it was an incredible experience,” said She.

“It was crazy, the Tucson Police tried to shut us down 10-minutes before our final shot,” said God-Des, “but we did get to drive around a giant 20 foot bunny van in the desert for 2 days”.

The video is executive produced by Tucson Pride & Woody’s Tucson and directed by Dominic Luongo. The video’s beat was produced by DJ Pain 1 and the original song was produced by Public Enemy’s Brian Hardgroove. The duo expect to release one more video from their current album, and is already back in the studio working on their fourth record.

For more information about God-des & She, including a full length version of the “Love Machine” video, a free download of the mp3 “Love Machine,” 2011 tour dates, and more, visit



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