The Vegas Series: Buffet Interactions

The Vegas Series: Buffet Interactions

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We have all heard of those massive buffets of Vegas, right?  Well, let me tell you that they are serious! I had the chance to experience the best and the not so great versions of these buffets. However, Vegas isn’t all about buffets. There are many, many options in this crazy town and most of what we explored was super delicious!

We found Nathan’s hot dogs at the New York New York and it stopped us in our tracks. I had a hot dog and crinkle cut fries and they were totally yummy. I had fake cheese sauce on my dog – one of my most favorite of the fake foods! There were times when we just needed a quick meal, which led me to the wonderful experience of my first ever In-N-Out burger and fries. If you know me, you know that fries are my greatest weakness. Any and all fries are welcome in my tummy and these fries were some of my new favorites. Yum!

There was a time when we were looking for something quick, right before we went to see Zumanity and it was a little overwhelming to pick something that we thought we would like. Also, I’m one of those complicated people who do not eat gluten. As we walked around the little New York alleyway of restaurants we came to this place called Ganzalez Y Ganzalez. I figured nachos would be quick and easy so we went in. I have to tell you – these were the best nachos I have ever had! The waiter was sweet and when we told him we were in a hurry, he went straight to the kitchen and told them to rush the order. We were done in 20 minutes. I kid you not! Those nachos were scrumptious and we were on time for the show.

There was one other restaurant we absolutely loved. It was a little pricey and the service wasn’t the greatest, but the food was exactly what we wanted and super yummy. It’s called the Sugar Factory American Brasserie & Bar and is part of the Paris. Usually this is just a famous candy store, but here they added a restaurant. I had steak and frites, which is one of my favorites. The steak was good and the fries were fantastic! My partner had some of the tastiest sirloin mini burgers ever and a very satisfying greek salad. This was one of our favorite meals – we liked it so much we went back the next day for the exact same meal!

Now, on to the buffets… My wonderful father-in-law brought us to the Mirage buffet for dinner one night. The place didn’t even look like a buffet. There weren’t any long tables with sneeze-guards and food warmers. Everything was on the perimeter of the seating area, categorized by types of food, like seafood, carving board, etc. It was really cool and the prime rib was amazing! I ate like I was on vacation and went back for seconds with a large amount of horseradish to clear the sinuses. We had gelato for dessert and everything was super tasty.

We also ate at the Excaliber Buffet and all I’m going to say is it was sub-par at best and for the money we shelled out it was pretty disappointing. So, I would suggest you bypass this one all together.

The last food stop of the trip was the famed Bellagio Buffett. We went there for brunch with friends and family that were there with us. It was amazingly awesome and totally decadent. We were treated to endless mimosas with our meal and I even had a side of syrup with my bacon. It’s the little things that bring me the most joy! I believe I had to be rolled out of there as my belly was so full and round.

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