The Vegas Series: Virgin Vegas

The Vegas Series: Virgin Vegas

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What can I say about Vegas that hasn’t already been said? Las Vegas has a reputation for being a place to let loose, get wild, take risks and be crazy! What happens there, stays there… right? I had no idea what to expect on my virgin trip to Vegas.

We got there, checked into our hotel and headed out to the strip. It was crazy chaos all around me. I felt so much like a tourist. I found myself looking up, saying “wow” and “look at that!” My partner had been there before so she knew where to take me first. We headed to the Excalibur Fun Dungeon. It is here that I won my first ever attempt at the crane game. I was starting to feel lucky!

We left and made our way to the next hotel, which is one of my favorites. We walked into the New York New York and it was like walking into a very condensed version of New York. There is a Coyote Ugly bar and all the restaurants were in a place that looked like the neighborhood streets of New York, with brick walk-ups and little bikes on little balconies. There was a smaller Statue of Liberty outside along with a Brooklyn Bride. It was really detailed, including Coney Island, and a roller coaster (which we did not ride).

I have to tell you that walking in Vegas is an adventure all its own. You see so many different people out with big drinks in their hands and you can’t escape the thousands of little pamphlets being shoved into your hand as you walk the strip. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? The ones with pictures of naked ladies and an invitation to visit a strip club… I had always heard people describe Vegas as the “Disneyland for adults,” but my first impression was more like the “Disneyland for (straight) men.” There is also that argument that it could also apply to lesbians because we like what straight guys like – women. Although that is true, I’d like to think we aren’t all college frat bois.

The testosterone was heavy in the air and that sometimes made me feel out of place in this crazy town. However, Vegas has a little something for everyone and we felt comfortable enough to walk around holding hands and kissing in public. We also felt included when we went to our first show – Zumanity!

More on that soon…



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