Three Public Meetings Set for the Minimum Wage Ordinance

Three Public Meetings Set for the Minimum Wage Ordinance

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Seattle’s new Minimum Wage Ordinance will take effect on April 1, 2015. The Seattle Office for Civil Rights is hosting three public meetings to gather information for the administrative rulemaking process.

On June 3, 2014, Mayor Ed Murray signed a new minimum wage ordinance passed by Seattle City Council. Beginning April 1, 2015, the ordinance will increase in the minimum wage in the City of Seattle to $15 an hour, phased in over time.

  • Large employers (businesses with more than 500 or more employees in the United States) will reach $15/hour minimum wage in three years. Large employers that pay toward health care benefits will reach $15/hour in four years.
  • Small employers (businesses with 500 or fewer employees in the United States) will reach $15/hour in seven years. Also established is a minimum compensation responsibility for all small employers to reach $15/hour within the first five years, which can be achieved by combining employer-paid health care benefits, tips, and wages.

The following dates, times and locations have been set for the three public meetings:

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights released a statement Thursday, saying:  “We want to hear from you! We know that employers and employees have many questions about how the Minimum Wage Ordinance will be implemented. Registration is not required, but it is helpful for planning. Reasonable accommodations and language interpretation for meetings are available on request. Call 206-684-4507 for more information. Childcare will be available for the evening meeting on Wednesday, November 5. Please note any other special requests on your registration form.”

Visit for up-to-date information about Seattle’s Minimum Wage Ordinance. The website features a new Frequently Asked Questions section, plus links to the ordinance and contact information for submitting questions and comments. The site also will list other public meetings and events as they are scheduled.

Connect with the Seattle Office of Human Rights by calling, 206-684-4500 or sending an email. You may also sign up to receive updates and announcements of public events.



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