Tilda Swinton Raises Rainbow Flag at the Kremlin

Tilda Swinton Raises Rainbow Flag at the Kremlin

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TildaSwintonKremlinBritish actress Tilda Swinton proudly showed her support for the LGBT community when a picture of Swinton raising a rainbow flag in front of the Moscow Kremlin went viral.

The photo was released by publicist Christian Hodell and has the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral in the background.

“Please share this message from Tilda: ‘In solidarity. From Russia with love,’” Hodell said.

The star of many films, including one where she played the mother of a gay son in The Deep End, is showing clear disapproval of the new Russian laws.

President Vladimir Putin approved legislation banning the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” toward minors on Sunday and the banning of adoptions of Russian children by same-sex couples on Wednesday. In fact, Swinton’s photo was banned from this Russian newspaper with a note accompanying it that read: “This article contains information not suitable for readers younger than 18 years of age, according to Russian legislation.”

PinkNews reports: “The bill, which has since been signed by President Vladimir Putin, bans foreign same-sex couples and unmarried individuals in countries where same-sex marriage is legal from adopting Russian children.”



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