Tips to Prevent Instances of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Tips to Prevent Instances of Workplace Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment is intentional conduct or speech at the workplace with the intent to create an offensive or hostile environment. Sexual harassment can occur in any workplace. As an employer or Human Resource Manager, it is crucial to attend to every sexual harassment complaint from your employees urgently to improve worker productivity.

This article gives you some tips you can apply as a manager to eliminate or reduce sexual harassment in the workplace and improve labor productivity.

Eliminate sexual harassment from your workplace with these tips

1. Have a sexual harassment policy

To eliminate and avoid sexual harassment incidences at your workplace, you can come up with a strict sexual harassment policy punishing everyone that engages in the misconduct. The policy should apply to managers, union representatives, and employees. Once the policy is designed, you should communicate it to everyone at the workplace to let them understand the consequences of engaging in any offending conduct. Your organization must have a policy protecting workers from any form of sexual harassment.

2. Train your workers

Senior work supervisors should know how to deal with sexual harassment cases in the organization. The only way to educate them on this is training them, at least annually, on how to handle sexual harassment claims in your organization.

3. Auditing electronic communication

Most sexual harassment cases begin through electronic communication. You can monitor every email and other forms of electronic messages to identify any sexual harassment content. Monitor every worker to find out his or her inappropriate behavior. Advise your workers to refrain from acts that can result in sexual harassment of other coworkers.

4. Take action

Managers can eliminate sexual harassment at the workplace if they punish those involved in the misconduct accordingly. The Human Resource Manager and other departmental supervisors should act fast on every sexual harassment complaint from any employee without hesitating. A worker should be punished for their sexual misconduct in the organization based on the organization’s laws.

5. Protect sexually harassed workers

Some employees in your organization, especially the interns and the female workers, are the most vulnerable to sexual harassment. Those who have reported sexual harassment cases to the concerned persons in the organization should be protected.

6. Launch a campaign

You can launch a campaign to ensure your workplace is free from any form of sexual harassment. Let it be known that your organization does not condone misconduct and punishes any worker involved. Take action to remove any discriminatory jokes, graffiti, posters, and photos that may promote sexual harassment at the workplace.


Ensuring your workers apply the professional ethics and code of conduct at the workplace is the best strategy for reducing sexual harassment cases in your organization. Note that most workers sexually harass their workmates if the organization lacks a clear policy on sexual harassment.

The tips given here are good first steps to helping you make your workplace a sexual harassment-free zone. Implement these tips to protect your workplace from sexual harassment and witness increased labor productivity soon.



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