Top 10 Fabulous Celebrities That Came Out In the Last Year

Top 10 Fabulous Celebrities That Came Out In the Last Year

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This last year has been a big coming out year for athletes and celebrities.  With every coming out story we get one step closer to an understanding and a common movement toward equality.

Here are the fabulous and beautiful top 10 celebrities that came out in 2013/2014!


Ellen Page

Ellen Page revealed she is a lesbian in a moving speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive event.


Michael Sam, a defensive lineman from Missouri came out in interviews with ESPN and the New York Times.



Actress Maria Bello came out in a New York Times piece entitled “Coming out as a modern family.”


Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts came out in a Facebook post last year thanking her “long time girlfriend.”


Bob Harper, personal trainer on The Biggest Loser, came out as gay to help a contestant through their struggles.


Actor Victor Garber, best known for his roles in Deception and Titanic, addressed his same-sex partner in a new interview last year.  It should be noted that he originally mentioned his partner in a 2012 interview with Canada’s Forever Young News.


Today show reporter Jenna Wolf came out on air and announced she is having a baby with her partner, Stephanie Gosk.


Tom Daley, the 19-year-old British diving star who won an Olympic Bronze medal, came out in a YouTube video announcing that he is in a relationship with a man.


ABC Family actor Matt Dallas came out in a tweet revealing he is happily engaged to his boyfriend.


Actress Raven-Symoné came out on Twitter announcing that she can finally get married.

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