Top 10 Same-Sex Wedding Destinations in 2020

Top 10 Same-Sex Wedding Destinations in 2020

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Love is one of the most beautiful feelings and experiences and someone could have. It knows no limits and it is unconditional. So, if you are in a same-sex relationship, you might be looking for the perfect place to make your relationship an official union! Here are the most beautiful 10 same-sex wedding destinations that you can consider!

1. Cabo San Lucas destination wedding

One of the most popular places is Cabo San Lucas destination wedding. Here you can get impressive memories and pictures at El Arco and all your guests will have an amazing time. You can even choose to spend your honeymoon in this place as it can be one of the most romantic destinations on the planet. You can enjoy soft and white beaches during the day and incredible party areas at night. And there are plenty of resorts to choose from as well! This location like the entire Mexico is welcoming gay weddings of all kinds!

2. Hawaii

Hawaii not only is friendly to LGBTQ couples who want to get married here, but it is also one of the most impressive places on the planet. You can celebrate your wedding here and you will fall in love with all the atmosphere. Locals are very welcoming and they know how to party! Join in the Hawaiian vibe to enjoy this special event of your life!

3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another location that you can’t go wrong with. This place is one of the best on the planet for same-sex couples who want to celebrate their wedding. Costa Rica is loved for the beautiful beaches and warm weather that invites you to have plenty of fun along with your loved one. If you are wondering what to pack for Costa Rica, you can go as light as you want. You will not need thick clothes and you can get by with just a few outfits! Most likely you will spend a lot of time at the beach to be ready for this kind of wardrobe to wear!

4. Cape Town, South Africa

Lately, Cape Town has been very high on the list of preferences for same-sex couples who want to get married. It has an unique culture, beautiful nature and very nice people. This combination is perfect to make sure that you enjoy your wedding to its highest potential!

5. Tahiti

Another great option for same-sex couples who want to have an amazing wedding is Tahiti. Besides the beautiful nature spots that you can enjoy in Tahiti, there are also plenty of all inclusive resorts. You will love to take picture on the blue lagoons and enjoy some of the local cuisine.

6. New York City

New York City is where everything happens. The most loved city in the world, New York is full of opportunities. You can have your wedding at a fancy restaurant and take unique pictures in Central Park. Whatever you decide to do, you simply can’t go wrong with this city!

7. Iceland

Iceland might be a cold place, but they definitely make up by knowing how t0 have fun and enjoy life. Iceland legalizes same-sex marriages in 2010 and many couples choose this country year after year since then. With the amazing places and traditions that are found here, there is no wonder for that!

8. Vancouver, Canada

Canada is an amazing country and LGBTQ marriages are also legal here. This is a modern country and Vancouver can be a highly entertaining city. If you want a special and urban wedding, this is one of the places to consider for sure! And definitely try some of the local food as it is full of delicious dishes!

9. Boston, Massachusetts

Another urban location with impressive buildings is Boston. Not only that LGBTQ marriages are legal here, but they are also celebrated. You will love the vibe of this town and the fact that it never seems to sleep. You can party all night and still feel like partying some more in Boston!

10. Paris, France

It is hard to find a place more romantic than Paris. Here you can have a glamorous wedding full of style and fun. You will get impressive memories to cherish for a life time. And you can enjoy some very romantic moments with the love of your life! Definitely give Paris and even the entire France a try because it is one of the best locations for weddings! This is a great place to spend your honeymoon at, as well!

As you can see, you can enjoy a special and romantic wedding as an LGBTQ couple anywhere in the world that you want. You can have a modern wedding or a beach wedding. There are interesting resorts and beautiful countries to explore. In the past years, LGBTQ marriages became legal in the most beautiful places in the world, so you will definitely have where to choose from. But make sure it is a place that both you and your lover like in order to enjoy your event equally. And take plenty of pictures to keep these charming memories alive!



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