Top 3 International Airports with Free Tours

Top 3 International Airports with Free Tours

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6999635119_72f822a733_travelThere are several airports which provide visits of their cities for free. Those airports welcome travelers with tour commendatory tours of cultural landmarks, traditional tours and popular sights. However, even though those tours are provided for free, the travelers are required to leave their bags in lockers.

The best three Airports that provide complimentary tours are:

  1. Incheon Airport (South Korea)

Incheon provides up to eight tours for layover passengers. Those on a one hour tour may visit Yonggungsa Temple, which is a Buddhist temple that was constructed in 1376.

The travelers that have two hours can visit Incheon Temple. This tour stops at Heungryunsa Temple, Incheon Grand Bridge and Memorial Hall for landing before going back to the airport. The travelers that desire something that is more adventurous or they want to go outside a city, they can tour Gwangmyeong cave which is a three-hour tour.

There is also the Songdo City four-hour tour which takes visitors from the airport to Songdo Central park, Ocean Scope, Singi market and then returns to the airport.

The last type of Incheon airport tour is the Soul City five hours long tour. Visitors can decide between 4 courses which feature the city’s best attractions such as Gwangjang market, N Seoul tower and Bukchon Hanok village.

Travelers who do not have much time, but desire to taste Seoul do not need to leave the airport. Incheon Airport tour leads travelers through the Arrival Hall’s culture street then via security to a craft gallery, Royal Family Walk and Korean Culture center. It then completes the tour with a classic concert and the travelers can also have time to play online slots in the United Kingdom.

These tours are filled up in a first come first serve basis. The 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. tours require ten dollars to cover the entry fee and meal.

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  1. Changi Airport (Singapore)

The travelers whose stopover in Singapore for a minimum of five and a half hours can avoid the airport with Changi Airport free city tours. There are two tours which are being offered: City Sights Tour and Heritage Tour. However, the interested travelers require a layover of six hours for the City Sights Tour.

On Heritage tour, travelers visit various neighborhoods within the city. The neighborhoods include Kampong Glam and Little India. The travelers also have a chance to go to Merlion Park which is where the city’s iconic statue of the eponymous mythical creature makes for the excellent Instagram moment.

For the City Heights tour, travelers visit the city’s best attractions including arts areas and the Singapore Flyer. This tour wraps at the garden near the Bay which has plenty of plants and avatar like super trees which serve as vertical gardens.

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  1. Doha Airport (Qatar)

Travelers who go via Qatar Airport can have a Doha sightseeing visit courtesy of Qatar Tourism Authority and Qatar Airways. Destinations include the Pearl Qatar, a traditional souq and Islamic Arts Museum. The airport offers four free tours every day and each of them lasts for about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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Those are the best three Airports that offer free tours. To enjoy these tours, travelers are only required to ensure that they have all their travel documents with them.

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