Top 3 Ways We Want to Be More Like Liv from iZombie

Top 3 Ways We Want to Be More Like Liv from iZombie

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Okay ladies, just how many shows with a kick-ass (not to mention, hot) female lead can you think of set right here in Seattle? If you’ve not watched iZombie starring Liv as its zombie protagonist, you’re seriously missing out. Not only do shows seem so much better when they’re set closer to home, this one’s actually quite brilliant no matter where you’re from, too. If zombies ain’t your thing, don’t be put off. This one has so many layers, from romance through to murder mystery, that science fiction lends just a mere part to this highly intelligent and gripping comedic drama.

It’s not just the fact she’s making emo look awesome again, or that she’s funny, quirky and smart. So, why do we love her?  Oh, let us count the ways!

She’s Got So Many Faces

Okay, so one of the plot points of this show is that Liv takes on different personalities depending on the brains she’s eaten (it’s not as gross as it sounds… in fact, she make a mean brain stew); and just like the show itself, this lends a lot of different sides to her character which often isn’t seen when women are portrayed on TV. Unfortunately, just like in films, women don’t often have a lot of dialogue on screen, but this isn’t true here. We see so many sides to Liv – and what’s more, she learns something from each new “personality” she assumes.

So, how can you apply this to your real life? Honestly; eating brains a huge no-no (IRL, it’s far from cute). But you can literally seize the moment. Want to be a hopeless romantic AND enter a food contest, all in one date? Liv wouldn’t bat an eye. You can be a dress-wearing biker, a coroner who also bakes, or a doctor who parties it up on weekends – you can be whoever you want to be!

She Takes Risks

Taking risks is something which comes a whole lot easier to zombies, granted. But Liv goes around the whole of Seattle helping to solve crime not just of the human persuasion, but of the zombie persuasion, too. She’s a strong woman, and while she’s blessed with super-strength, she’s loyal to those she cares about.

In real life, risk taking is often a lot scarier, but you can start small. Online gaming is a fun way to test the waters; reading all blog posts about how to get involved with games such as slots and blackjack is a good start. There’s a “Good girl, Bad girl” slot, so it’s also a good way to practice being the new “multi-faceted you” – in fact, in this one, the “good girl” option will have you risk less but go for lower rewards while the “bad girl” is riskier but more lucrative. While iGaming may not have the same badass ring to it as being an iZombie, it’ll give you confidence and teach you about your limits. Next stop? Tackling those enemies (perhaps not literally…) – but maybe take some self defence classes to get that “don’t mess with me” attitude she has?

She’s Still Got Time For Those She Loves

Liv is brave in ways that go beyond the realms that you might expect from a zombie (if you have expectations, of course). For example, she breaks things off with her fiance once she’s “turned”, to try and protect him from his secret. She’s also a great friend to her morgue buddy Ravi, her cop colleague Clive, and her BFF Peyton. She even protected her family, even though it meant not seeing them anymore. She is super selfess to the core (except perhaps when she’s taken on some selfish lady’s brain).

No matter what you’ve got going on it your life; this is worth emulating, too. Our friends are very important, so even if you think they won’t understand what’s going on with you, why not try them?

Whether you’re crushing on this girl, or you want to be this girl, there’s no denying that surprisingly, Liv might be one of the biggest TV role models of all!



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