Top 5 Hollywood Stars Who Used to Be Strippers

Top 5 Hollywood Stars Who Used to Be Strippers

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Lady-GagaBeing a world class entertainer requires stage presence, confidence and the capability to hold the attention of the audience no matter how small or big that audience is in front of you. These are also skills professional strippers require and must hone to be at the top of their game. Maybe this is why some Hollywood stars begin their performance career as strippers. Below are just a few celebs who know a little more than most of us about glitter and baby oil.

Lady Gaga

Before the meat dresses and the crazy hair, Lady Gaga worked as a burlesque dancer in New York’s Lower East side. The Born this Way singer has spoken openly about her past during interviews and said she chose it as it earned her more cash than waitressing. She might not strip at clubs anymore but Gaga fans will know she still likes to occasionally inject a little striptease into her live shows.

NeNe Leakes

Before she made her name on Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes worked the poles as a stripper named Silk. She had just left an abusive relationship and was a single mom in need of a job. Stripping helped her feel empowered and she earned $1,000 a night shaking her thang.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones might be known these days as an Oscar winning actress, but before she carved out her sparkling career in TV and film the Welsh beauty worked a stripper. The brunette wanted cash to pay for a nose job as she felt she needed. Once she has bagged enough money to pay for the surgery, she quit so she could focus on her acting career.

Diablo Cody

She is most famous for penning the scripts for Juno and Jennifer’s Body but Diablo Cody once favored poles to red carpet shindigs. The Oscar winning screen writer worked for a year as a dancer in a strip club. She even blogged about her experiences and eventually turned it into a book entitled: “Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper.”

Brad Pitt

He as one of Hollywood’s most famous actors and sex symbols, but in his days as a student at the University of Missouri, Brad was part of the Dancing Bares, a dance group that would dance stark naked with pillow cases over their heads. They kept girls from their sister sororities, who were celebrating their 21st birthdays,entertained with their raunchy routine.


She rose to fame after giving birth to eight babies, but before giving birth to her octuplets, the famous mom worked for one night as a stripper named Angelina. After finding fame as a result of her multiple birth she once again launched her career as a stripper and adult movie star.

Many people now use stripping or escorting as a way to way a lot of money very quickly. Some go onto Hollywood or other careers, some use it to get themselves through college, but others do it for several years.



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