Top 5 Places in Eastern Europe You Must See

Top 5 Places in Eastern Europe You Must See

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_1Eastern Europe is often neglected by tourists, but is now becoming so popular among travelers because there are various wonderful places to explore.

The best five must-see places in Eastern Europe are:

  1. Zamosc (Poland)

In Eastern Poland near Ukraine boundary, there are wonderful architectural secrets. Zamosc city has a lavish ornate Italian Renaissance square that was constructed like most of the city. The architect who constructed it based his designs on Italians ideals of what an awesome city needs to be. This is most probably the main reason why Zamosc appears like it was flown straight from Florence.

At Zamosc one can spend time near a wonderful main square and other beautiful buildings. While there, one can stay at the 3-star Mercure Zamosc Stare Miasto Hotel.

  1. Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Bijou Slovenia capital is a great architecture hit. Baroque beauties sit near stunning medieval architectural gems and a beautiful Art Nouveau flourish and the retro socialist-era chic grace building facades that are in the center of the city. Ljubljana is a beautiful city to visit and it has a vibrant learners’ community and a lively riverside café culture. Places where one can stay include a 4.5 star Cubo hotel which is located at the center of the city.


  1. Osijek (Croatia)

Osijek is located on River Drava where there is a beautiful architecture. The first ever tram system is also located here. There is also a newly revamped Tvrda fortress complex which is worth exploring. Other things to enjoy at Osijek include hidden bars where you can learn more gaming tips and beautiful cafes. The best spot in this section of town is probably the Kompa no frills restaurant where there are high value Croatian classics. The places to stay include Waldinger hotel which is a 4 star hotel that located in a stunning Art Nouveau building.


  1. Loket (Czech Republic)

Loket town is cradled in River Ohre bend and it is as beautiful as Czech capital. It does not have stabling stags rowdy crowds and it has a 14th century castle which is open every day from 9 pm to 5 pm. It also has a bookbinding museum and a city gate tower. Loket is famous for its porcelain which can be purchased at a genuine Czech souvenir. While at Loket town one can stay at Bily Kun hotel.


  1. Klaipėda

Klaipeda is a tidy place with an appealing compact historic centre. It has several museums, revamped streets and so many other great avenues for enjoying delicious foods. If you want to have fun in the afternoon with your kids, go on an “I spy style mission” where you will see animals, chimney sweeps, dragons and ghouls. And if you want to visit during summer, there are some few beaches to choose from. The popular one is Smiltyne which is a UNESCO world heritage listed sand stretch.

While at Klaipeda, you can stay at a newly established Michaelson Boutique hotel. It is situated at a 18th century warehouse in the town centre.



It is obvious that there is a lot to discover in Eastern Europe than the old favourites like Budapest and Prague. Most of the small villages and cities are underrated but most of them are wonderful places to visit.



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