Top 5 Places to Meet Girls in London

Top 5 Places to Meet Girls in London

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Top 5 Places to Meet Girls in London

By Gay Travel

Let’s face it: London, like most cities, is super super gay…man. It’s gay man.

The lesbians, although plentiful in the city, are a bit harder to find. Most cities have lesbians clubs, or gay clubs with lesbian nights. London does things a little differently.

London’s lesbian scene is bursting with weekly lesbian parties that take place all around the city. They’re normally on Thursday or Saturday night and you can expect- shocker- ALL LESBIANS. London definitely has a lot to offer girls interested in girls- you just gotta know where to look:

Girls Go Down

Perfect name for where it is-  the basement of the ever popular G-A-Y Bar. So when you enter G-A-Y on Old Comptom Street, you, well, go down to the basement. When I take my guy friends there, they always respond “I didn’t even KNOW this was down here!” That’s how tucked away it is. There’s not much of a dance floor, but it’s a good place to kick back and watch hot music videos on the big screens as you start off the night.

The Book Club

Every few months, The Most Cake throws an epic lesbian party at The Book Club in Shoreditch. East London lesbians make for the absolute best people-watching, with their mismatched clothes and crazytown haircuts. The Book Club is a something-for-everyone venue- with two huge bars, ping pong table, pool table, and trendy dance floor.

The Star of Bethnal Green

The Star boasts a monthly lesbian shindig called Unskinny Bop. This place also accommodates all styles; it’s just way smaller than The Book Club with a much longer line. The upstairs feels like an old smoking lounge and the downstairs is a bopping dance floor with favorites like Mya’s “Case of the Ex.” Dalston Superstore: The Twat Boutique holds a monthly party at this sweet little joint that has jarring photos of naked men lining the walls. The place is small, but the East London lesbian scene is smaller- so don’t be surprised if you run into one (or several) people you just met (and hooked up with) at The Book Club the week before.


Feel the tensions of the week drift away at Blush, Stoke Newington’s little secret. This mixed café bar has so much to offer – a huge beer garden, mouth-watering Sunday roasts and great quiz nights. Blush is Stoke Newington’s only lesbian bar, but gay and straight customers are just as welcome in its friendly pink surroundings.

Ku Bar

Lovely ladies can enjoy a mid-weeker at Ku Bar courtesy of Ruby Tuesdays. It’s all about relaxing and having fun with free entry and drinks from as little as £1.50. The music policy is pretty wide, from Girls Aloud to The Killers. And there’s a chocolate fountain!



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