Top 5 Places to Meet Lesbians in Seattle in 2019

Top 5 Places to Meet Lesbians in Seattle in 2019

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The Wildrose Bar / Stephanie Brusig / The Seattle Lesbian
The Wildrose Bar / Stephanie Brusig / The Seattle Lesbian

In a city that is as progressive as Seattle, there are still times when lesbian ladies are going to have some trouble trying to find partners. After all, it’s a large city and the real hotspots can be easy to miss amongst all the other attractions. That’s why we’re counting down five ways that you can meet lesbians in Seattle so you can have the easiest time meeting singles.

Online Dating Sites

The first methods that you can use to find single lesbians in Seattle is by using an online dating site. They are becoming more and more popular as time goes on and could help just about anyone find a match that meets their needs. With sites like specializing in meeting lesbian singles, it’s possible to find a match no matter where you are in the city. Best of all, websites offer you the chance to get to know your date before the two of you ever meet through the user profiles. Either way, it’s a great way to get to meet people even if you aren’t in the city for a long time.

The Wildrose Bar

The Wildrose Bar is a renowned place where women can meet fellow lesbians to chat, have date, and have a good time. It is known for being the oldest – and only – women’s bar in Seattle, and lives up to its heritage by being a fun and inclusive place. This bar was bought and operated by women starting in 1985 and remains one of the hottest lesbian bars in the country. With weekly events and a fun group of people always at the bar, it’s the perfect place for you to meet singles while you’re in Seattle.

Seattle Women’s Pride

While it might be difficult to find dates during the hubbub, Seattle Women’s Pride is an annual tradition which brings in people from all over the country for a night of laughter, music and socializing. Seattle Women’s Pride is produced by The Seattle Lesbian and takes place on Capitol Hill. It began in 2012 and has been a staple in the city’s Pride scene ever since!

Exploring Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is the unofficial “gayborhood” for Seattle and has a ton of interesting shops, clubs, and historical centers where you can always find people. Several celebrations occur around this area, too. It’s hard to miss Capitol Hill when you see the rainbow crosswalks and LGBT friendly signs and posters. This is definitely a great place that is worth checking out.


The final place that you could use to try to meet lesbians in Seattle is ReBar. This is another bar, but it is one that is more of a dance club that is very LGBT friendly. It is most famous for hosting the Dina Martina Christmas Show as well as having a pretty high capacity for people to come in and have some fun. It’s not a lesbian exclusive bar but there’s a good chance that girls are going to come out to dance with all their other friends.

Overall, these are some of the best ways that you’re going to be able to find lesbian singles near you in Seattle. Online dating apps are definitely beginning to pull away from the pack, but names like The Wildrose Bar, ReBar, attending Seattle Women’s Pride, and exploring shops in Capitol Hill are all amazing ways to meet ladies. Whether you live in Seattle or are just planning a visit, this is a spectacular way to get to meet some lesbian women.



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