Top Gaming Trends in 2017

Top Gaming Trends in 2017

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bundle_color_consoleVideo games have come a long way from their days as niche entertainment. These days they are a multi-million dollar industry that rivals the film and music industry. The last few years have seen several key developments in video games and trends that have followed them. 2017 is going to be no different, so here are some trends to keep an eye on.


VR hasn’t quite taken off as much as expected. This is partly due to the cost and a lack of interesting VR exclusive games. 2017 though will likely see the barrier to entry drop and more developers focus on creating outstanding VR experiences. If Sony keeps investing in improving the PlayStation VR then this will also go a long way to making VR a success. In terms of smartphone VR, this has a lot less functionality but could be great for watching TV and playing more simplistic games. If developers could find a way to bring more engaging and interesting VR games to smartphones then VR will definitely become a huge success though.

New Consoles

The Nintendo Switch has already released this year and been a resounding critical and financial success. We are likely going to see yet more console announcements and releases. Technology has improved a lot since the release of systems like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The 4K upscaled PS4 Pro is just a stop gap between a true successor to this generation of consoles. This is something that gamers and enthusiasts of the industry will be able to understand more than people with a casual and passing interest. Lucky Nugget Casino has written a blog post about things that only gamers would understand and it’s a really funny, interesting read.

Mobile Gaming

Pokemon Go proved last year that smartphone gaming was a huge deal. So many people own a smartphone that the chance of having your game played by millions of people has never been more likely. This does make curation more important as lots of low-quality games are released daily. However, it would be very surprising if 2017 didn’t have a Pokemon Go type release that sweeps the world. This could be anything and we won’t know what it is until it is released. Smartphones are constantly improving and more complicated games with better graphics are released constantly. Mobile games are getting ever closer to that home console and PC experience. In fact, many games can be played on both mobiles and other systems. Games in the Final Fantasy series are one such example.



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