Top LGBT Events You Can Take Part in Around the World

Top LGBT Events You Can Take Part in Around the World

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Madrid World Pride 2017
Madrid World Pride 2017

LGBT awareness and visibility has grown to a significant degree during the past few years, helped by the fact that many high profile celebrities – including Hollywood stars such as Ellen Page – have come out. There are also LGBT events held all over the world these days that people can participate in and this article will detail some of the best ones.

Berlinale Teddy Award

For those who are lovers of film, this will definitely be one of the essential LGBT events on the calendar. It is an annual event that has been running for 30 years and forms part of the Berlin International Film Festival. It awards prizes to LGBT-themed movies in the Feature, Short Film and Documentary categories and has become recognized as one of the key events of its kind in the world since its inception. It is held during February each year, making it the ideal way to kick of the year for fans of cinema.

Lou Queernaval

France is also home to many superb events aimed at the LGBT community and one of the most celebratory is undoubtedly the annual Lou Queernaval. Again, this is part of a wider event – in this case the Nice Carnaval that takes place every year in that city – and it is a night wholly dedicated to queer themes which has been running for three years now. Featuring a combination of carnival floats, live music and confetti from LGBT organisations based in the area, it is one long party and takes place during February. The actual carnival parade is held on the Friday night, but revelers will often keep the fun going all the way through the weekend.

Orgullo Madrid

The summertime also features excellent events and Orgullo Madrid – part of the worldwide Gay Pride events – is one not to miss. It is held during the last week of June and is among Europe’s largest Pride parades, which attracts roughly 1,500,000 people each year. Furthermore, aside from the main parade, there is also a number of street parties held in Madrid’s Plaza Chueca that hundreds of thousands more attend. The main parade takes place on the Saturday afternoon, with this being followed by an alfresco party in Lago Park.

Las Vegas Pride
Las Vegas Pride

Sin City Shootout

The gambling capital of Las Vegas, which attracts many players of land and online casino, including, also holds an event dedicated to the LGBT community every year. This is the world’s biggest sports event dedicated to the LGBT community. It has been running for a decade now and has firmly established itself as one of Vegas’s most popular events – as well as one that is ideal for families. The choice of sporting activities on offer ranges from billiards, to softball and bridge or darts – ensuring there is something for everyone to get involved in. It is held early in the year, during mid-January, making it perfect for blasting away the New Year blues.

Although a minority still question the acceptance of LGBT communities, as long as fun events like these continue to raise awareness and celebrate them, we will one day reach a point where such discrimination no longer exists.



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