Tori Amos: It’s OK to be Gay

Tori Amos: It’s OK to be Gay

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Tori Amos

Influential singer/songwriter Tori Amos told Pride Source she’d be okay if her daughter was gay.

The 48-year-old made this statement about her daughter Natashya Hawley during an interview with Michigan’s gay weekly.

Amos’ daughter, nicknamed “Tash,” has grown up with gay people throughout her life. There was speculation that Amos was trying to make her 11-year-old daughter into a gay icon with her “I’d be OK if my daughter were a lesbian” comment, but she assures us that that isn’t the case.

Tash told her mom that she is not a lesbian and that “black guys are hot,” after Amos told her daughter that if she ever came home and told her that she were gay then she’d be fine with her decision.

Not only did Amos piece her mind about the issue of her child being homosexual, but she also chimed in on North Carolina’s current proposal to ban gay marriage in the state constitutionally. Amos is from North Carolina and felt it was important to say that she doesn’t understand how someone can call themselves a Christian and have zero compassion for another person.

Amos added that, “It goes against the Christ-like energy and light that I was brought up with.”

She also said that her father, a Methodist minister, has gone above and beyond in order to support a more open thought process and truly embrace the idea that gay people deserve rights.

In addition to spreading the word on equal rights, Amos released her 12th album last month entitled Night Of Hunters. The timing may seem a little fishy to some, but is this declaration really a publicity stunt, or a dedicated celebrity in the fight for equal rights? You decide.



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  1. Questioning if she means what she's saying is just silly. Tori was interviewed by Pride Source, and when they ask her about being a gay icon and how she feels about the recent suicides among gay youth, of course she'll answer!
    Tori is just being sincere. It's not like she has changed her mind, she has always believed in equal rights 🙂 I'm proud to be queer and I'm proud of Tori!
    If anyone care to read the interview itself, check it out:
    Oh, Tori <3

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