Trans United Fund Endorses Hillary Clinton for President, Launches #TranstheVote Campaign

Trans United Fund Endorses Hillary Clinton for President, Launches #TranstheVote Campaign

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Hillary Clinton/Instagram
Hillary Clinton/Instagram

The Trans United Fund, the nation’s first political advocacy group of its kind for transgender people and their allies, officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and launched #transthevote, a historic voter education and mobilization campaign targeting transgender people, their allies and families. In addition to education and GOTV efforts, the group unveiled a series of #transthevote t-shirts as way to raise money to support the campaign.

Angelica Ross, a board member of Trans United Fund and the founder and CEO of TransTech Social said, “I’m proud that the board of Trans United Fund has endorsed Secretary Clinton because she is ready, able, and qualified to take the lead. As a black transgender woman and a veteran, I know just what’s at stake for my community and there is no question that Hillary Clinton is the candidate we need. It’s time to vote Hillary and #transthevote.”

DeShanna Neal, one of the moms featured in Trans United Fund’s Meet My Child political ad and the Co-Chair of Trans United Families for Equality wrote, “My daughter is a brilliant and beautiful black transgender girl and I want her – along with my three sons – to grow up in an America where she can thrive. Families like mine are coming together through Trans United Fund because we’re committed to making that world possible. We’re endorsing Secretary Clinton because trans lives matter, because black lives matter, and because the lives of families like mine matter.”

Catalina Velasquez,an undocumented Latinx woman and board member of Trans United added, “In the 2016 Presidential election, Secretary Clinton is the better choice. She knows that a successful and thriving US must first respect, value, and champion the 11.2 million undocumented immigrants living in this country, including many of us that are also members of the LGBTQ community.”

Kayley Whalen, a board member and digital strategist for the group added, “We need a President who will listen to and respect trans people, disabled people, Latinx people and immigrants. We need a President whom we can educate on our issues and push to improve conditions for our communities. Secretary Clinton is that candidate.”

In addition to being targeted by a nationally coordinated and well funded right-wing organizations and politicians, transgender people, and in particular transgender people of color, those living in poverty, youth, people with disabilities, immigrants, and other marginalized people, are disproportionately impacted by issues like discrimination, violence, HIV and AIDS, and criminalization. Trans United Fund represents transgender people, family members and allies striving to become a powerful political voice in creating a country where transgender people can thrive. Today’s endorsement and launch of the #transthevote campaign marks a an important and historic milestone in that work.

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