Travel with Pride: Tips for Visiting the World’s Best Pride Parades

Travel with Pride: Tips for Visiting the World’s Best Pride Parades

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With the year coming to an end, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy the festive season, but it’s also time to prepare for the coming adventures of the coming new year. It’s time to plan for trips, holidays and events that we would like to add to our calendars. After all, the last thing you want to do is start planning for a trip too late. According to Undiscovered Sunsets, the best time to start preparing for a holiday is anything from 3 months to 24 months before a trip, so it’s never too soon to start getting things in order to travel.

One of the most amazing things we definitely have on our calendars for next year, are the Pride events and Parades that are going to be happening across the world, and whether you’re planning to travel to pride, or just attend the one in your local area, it’s so important to be prepared. So in advance excitement, we present to you the best tips for being a part of or an attendee of Pride Parades in 2019. These will be incredibly helpful in your planning process so that the whole trip is a success from start to finish.


If you’re not doing Pride week in your own city, accommodation is one of the most important things that has to be sorted out as soon as possible. Pride is a big deal, and if you’re going to be a big one, like the one in Amsterdam, you can expect that hotels and AirBnB’s are going to be at capacity. Make sure whatever you choose allows you to easily get to and from the Pride location, bearing in mind things like traffic and crowds. The more accessible the relevant amenities are, the better it will be for you.

What You’re Going to Wear

Your costume for Pride is a huge part of the fun. It’s a time to enjoy, have fun and show off your style. This where you can truly show off who you are, and apply some creativity to the look you’ll rock at Pride. There are a few options you can take with what you’ll wear.

Iconic Costumes

Our community stands on the shoulders of giants and pioneers who have been instrumental to so much of our progress, and attainment of rights. If we’re going to have a dress up party, why not celebrate those icons by honoring them, dressing up as them and making them front and center of the celebration? Imagine having a party where people dress up as people as Elton John, Tegan and Sara, Laverne Cox, RuPaul, Ellen deGeneres, or Lady Gaga. You will stand out and make a huge statement.

Be Loud and Proud

You don’t have to dress to a theme to dress right for Pride, you can just let your whole funky personality shine. You can add bright colors to your look with rainbow colored outfits, you can add sequins for some shine, or you can be cool with some great accessories like gorgeous costume jewelry, and gold accessories. You can check out Gold Urban for added touches like gold chains and grillz. These fashion choices will lend so much authenticity to your outfit, and who knows, you might find yourself wearing the best outfit in a crowd of thousands!

Apply to Get on A Float

What’s more memorable than celebrating a Pride parade than doing it on the top of the float or being part of the festivities by being part of the action? Well what’s great about most Pride events is that you can do just that. If this is something you would want to do, then plan in advance. Most Pride events will have a place where you can actually apply to be a part of the parade, and you could make your Pride dreams come true and celebrate in true style.

Take Photos & Participate in the Hashtags

Pride Parades are great because you really feel like you’re a part of something that’s not only fun, but historic and each year we just build on it. In order to make it a real memory, take lots of photos and stake your place in history by taking part of the hashtags. Publicity is a big deal at Pride, and so many young people who feel like they don’t get to be themselves see people proudly celebrating their community and it has a huge impact on them. Posting the hashtag isn’t about getting the event trending, it’s also about adding our voices to the global LGBT community. That’s what Pride is truly about.



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