Traveling to NYC? Here’s Where to Stay

Traveling to NYC? Here’s Where to Stay

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LGBTQ culture is a part of New York’s identity. It’s a city with the loudest, powerful, and largest LGBT population. The city also receives the highest number of gay tourists.

So are you planning to visit New York City for vacation? Don’t worry; the city is friendly to lesbians and other members of the LGBTQ community. Hotels in the area neutral on the issue. As such, you don’t expect any discrimination or unfair treatment in this Brooklyn hotel.

Being a lesbian traveler, you want nothing short of safety and comfort. But how do you ensure this happens?

Well, by doing this:

  1. Deciding How You Want Your Vacation to Be

It’s your vacation to New York, how do you want it to be? Well, this is dependent on several factors.

For instance, lesbians from conservative towns tend to be more careful. In most cases, they prefer visiting areas where there are tons of gays and lesbian people.

For some people, this is an ideal and relaxing option for them. Doing this exposes you to an energy expense where you’re closeted amongst other lesbians. Yes, you’ll not worry about discrimination or have problems with assimilation. But at what cost?

Fortunately, New York is one of the best places to visit. Most hotels will not discriminate against gay, lesbian, or heterosexual couples. They’ll accord you the same services irrespective of sexual affiliations. How wonderful!

  1. Undertake a Serious Research

Yes, are you looking for a perfect hotel to stay that doesn’t discriminate against anyone? Then, befriend the internet.

Currently, tons of websites offer information on different locations. The strategy is to invest your time in research to ensure you’re getting the best vacation.

As you make travel arrangements, consider the cost, location, and safety. That’s what you need to ensure you’re enjoying your vacation.

  1. Sleep Comfortably

You’re on vacation with your spouse or lover. The last thing you want is lying awake dead into the night, afraid in your hotel room. As such, don’t visit any hotel that’s unwelcoming to gay people.

  1. Checking the Facilities

Are you traveling with your family? Then consider the entertainment facilities that a hotel offers. In this case, you want a kid-friendly environment.

For instance, there should be a gym, movie theater, and spa and sauna facilities. And if you’re there on business travel, ensure there’s Wi-Fi and other connectivity solutions.

  1. Checking the Location

Where you stay plays a vital role in ensuring you enjoy your vacation. For example, if you’re on vacation, go for a location that’s close to top attraction sites. If you’re there on business travel, then a hotel near the town center would be okay.


Every person has a right to choose their sexual partners. You and your partner shouldn’t suffer any discrimination based on your sexual orientation. You’re free to visit any destination of your choice.

Luckily, New York and the entire world is becoming welcoming to LGBT people. So, get out there and have fun with your couple.



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