Trump’s Tax Reform Might Not Happen

Trump’s Tax Reform Might Not Happen

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e835b30829f4023ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6dc10b9124095f2c6_640_taxesWhether you don’t know very much about taxes or you have a Master’s degree in taxation, you know that taxes in the United States are high and the tax system is quite complicated. Those are just a couple of the reasons why Trump promised to provide tax reforms while he was campaigning, and it is why he is still pushing hard for it. But the same Republicans who should be helping him achieve his aims could very well be the reason that his tax reform plans never come to fruition. Keep reading to learn the latest.

Republicans Are Having Trouble with the Budget

Right now, President Trump wants tax reform, as does Speaker Paul Ryan. But, if the Republicans in Congress are unable to pass a budget, everyone can forget about the overhaul that top leaders want for the tax code. In fact, things might remain so complicated that you might want to get an online MST degree from a reputable university so you can rest assured that you will know how to file your taxes next year in a way that will help you save the most money.

Weeks of Negotiations

Despite having gone through weeks of negotiations behind closed doors, Congressional Republicans have been unable to move forward with their budget proposals. That is because those who support the military are hoping to provide additional funds to the Pentagon (more than even Trump wanted), and tea party conservative Republicans are hoping for spending cuts on the opposite side of the argument. And then there are those who want to stop the many cuts that Trump wishes to make to some of the most popular domestic programs in the country.

Months Behind on Progress

Republicans promised Americans that a lot of progress would come this year and that it would come quickly. Instead, the opposite is happening. Thanks to all of the work required to come up with a budget for 2018, progress has halted. In fact, the budget tasks were supposed to have been done months ago, but because Republicans are divided on what to do, and because health care debates have also caused delays, nothing has really changed in that time. Now they are all a few months behind and no one can really predict what will happen next.

Whether or not tax reforms, a new budget, and a new alternative to the Affordable Care Act will ever come from Congress and the President’s desk are all yet to be seen. In the meantime, top leaders like Paul Ryan are urging their colleagues to work harder at coming together and deciding upon a solution that will work for all Americans, especially when it comes to tax reform.



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