Two Dads Knit to Find Unique Way to Fund Adoption

Two Dads Knit to Find Unique Way to Fund Adoption

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By The Next Family

When Casey and David met in 2008 they discussed wanting kids on their first date. They instantly connected over their mutual passions for music and travel which also coincided with their careers. They are finally beginning the adoption process and dream of the day they take their first plane ride with their child and get dressed up to go to the opera. While the road to adoption may be uncertain, they plan to do whatever it takes to make their dream of starting a family come true.

“Over the past two years an abundant number of babies have been born amongst our family and circle of friends,” David said. “I suddenly found myself motivated to graduate from knitting scarves and accessories to the world of knitting actual clothing for babies. Although I learned to follow a pattern, I naturally gravitated to improvising instead. I never knew I had that capability within me. I initially discovered my passion for knitting while in college. I wanted to find a way to give people gifts that were personal yet economical. A handmade scarf took hours to make but only cost a few dollars in materials. I later started selling knitted scarves every winter to raise money for various charitable organizations such as Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS and AHOPE, an orphanage in Ethiopia I’ve volunteered with regularly.”

David and Casey recently launched a website called Knit for Baby. They will document their journey to fatherhood and sell David’s one-of-a-kind pieces, each named after an influential woman in their lives. All proceeds from the auction will go toward funding the adoption of their future children. While they have worked hard, planned and saved for this opportunity, they never quite anticipated how costly the adoption process might be. This will be an ongoing project with new collections and auctions taking place every three months (the first one began in May 2015).






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