Ugandan Lesbian Granted Asylum Through 2019

Ugandan Lesbian Granted Asylum Through 2019

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5117959106_093e2417dcIn 2002, after being disowned by her family and community for coming out as a lesbian, Flora Seggane left Uganda and moved to the UK.

The 55-year-old woman had a two-year working visa to be in the country, but when it expired, she harbored fears of being deported back to Uganda. So Seggane used her sexuality to seek asylum with the Home Office.

“She had a strong evidenced case not to be returned to Uganda a dangerous place for lesbians and gay men,” Ray Harvey-Amer, activist in the LGBT campaign group, Rainbows Across Borders, said. “Her case was strong. There was no acceptable or logical reason for the UK Home Office to hold her on fast track deportation at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre prior her being granted asylum in the UK.”

Seggane said was happy to be re-united with her partner, Lulu Mgonja. She will be able to remain in the UK with refugee status until April 2019.

Seggane never sought asylum status after her visa expired because she didn’t realize her sexuality could be used as a means for her to stay in the country.

“The UK has a proud history of granting asylum to those who need it and we consider every claim for asylum on its individual merits,” the Home Office said.



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