Unforgettable Gay-Themed Movie Mashups at The Triple Door

Unforgettable Gay-Themed Movie Mashups at The Triple Door

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Captain Smartypants/Seattle Men's Chorus
Captain Smartypants/Seattle Men’s Chorus

For three performances only, the Starstruck crew of nine movie-loving gay men shine the spotlight – in a way that only Captain Smartypants can – on the movies and stars they adore. The outrageously hilarious musical funnymen, Captain Smartypants, will roast everyone from silent film star Charlie Chaplin to “noisy” film star Sandra Bullock. Other treats include: a Disney princess duking it out with a Disney villain in song; Batman jazzing it up with three of his nemeses; Oscar-losing songs strutting their stuff in front of Oscar-winning songs; and macho movie hunks proving their sexy mettle to mere mortals (in song).

Starstruck features a touching tribute to the beautiful actresses that gay men have fallen in love with through the years, a raft of movie mashups (including “Man of Steel Magnolias” and “Jesus Christ Superstar Trek”), and three very personal “movie song stories” in which Captain Smartypants share how movies and their music played a pivotal role in a life-changing event. In one such story, a young gay man decides Beautiful Thing and its Mama Cass soundtrack is the perfect opportunity to dramatically come out to his family. Another story relates a coming-of-age tale that takes place at a Dustin Hoffman drive-in double-feature (Midnight Cowboy and Tootsie), with a painfully awkward double date and a surprising first kiss from the coolest guy in high school.

Captain Smartypants/Seattle Men's Chorus
Captain Smartypants/Seattle Men’s Chorus

Starstruck is Captain Smartypants’ first feature-length appearance at The Triple Door. With a state-of-the-art sound system, concert grand piano, and full-sized movie screen (for the many videos that accompany the show), the audience dines in comfort and style. Starstruck is directed by Seattle Men’s Chorus’ Associate Artistic Director and CSP Director Eric Lane Barnes, and the cast includes the nine members of Captain Smartypants: Colin Behr, Jeffrey Erickson, Joshua Herrington, Rad Milosavljevic, David Nilsson, Jason Reuer, Don Riling, Dante Rodriguez, and Paul Rosenberg. Starstruck is presented by James Alan Salon & Spa.

Tickets are $25 and $35 (front row only) and are on sale now online at www.CaptainSmartypants.org.



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