Washington State Referendum 74 Passage Voter Map

Washington State Referendum 74 Passage Voter Map

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It is fascinating to see where the support to pass Referendum 74 ended up. The greatest support came from Seattle (not shocking!), however it is interesting to know that there were many cities on the east side that had over 60 percent approval votes – as well as some cities to the north and south like Everett and Kent.

I would assume these places will also be the most celebratory in the following weeks as couples all over the state start getting married.

The most votes against this referendum were east of the mountains, but on this map you can also see that there were a few cities in southern King County that had over 60 percent of the vote to deny the passing of this legislation.

In other state news, the 12 members of Washington’s Electoral College will gather in Olympia on Dec. 17 to cast their votes for the Democratic ticket of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden.

The state’s Electoral College will vote at noon in the State Reception Room of the Legislative Building. The event is expected to take 30-45 minutes. Secretary of State Sam Reed will convene the gathering and the electors’ chair will preside over the balloting.



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