Washington State Senator Ed Murray Joins Representatives Maureen Walsh and Jamie Pedersen to Approve R-74

Washington State Senator Ed Murray Joins Representatives Maureen Walsh and Jamie Pedersen to Approve R-74

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20121002-141747.jpgSocial Outreach Seattle (SOSea) has released the first two of over 10 Approve Referendum 74 campaign ads to be released one a day, once a day, from October 1 – 15. The first video features Washington State Senator Ed Murray, State Representative Maureen Walsh, State Representative Jamie Pedersen, Lauren Husband, and others.

Throughout the history of minorities securing civil rights, there have been individuals that are part of the majority who have the foresight to see progression as something to welcome, and stand up for the disenfranchised. For the LGBTQ movement, these individuals are manifested as Straight Allies.

SOSea encourages ALL Straight Allies to come out in public support of Marriage Equality and to vote to Approve Referendum 74 in November.

“The SOSea video series is an answer to LGBTQ community members who ask, ‘Where are the gay people in gay marriage equality TV spots?'” said Social Outreach Seattle Founder and Executive Director Shaun Knittel. “By reaching out to local leaders in the LGBTQ equality movement, community members, entertainer, and allies, SOSea has produced over 15 different ads that range from humorous to heartfelt in an effort to reach voters in all communities.”

Knittel said, ” SOSea leadership does not believe that by showing the diversity of the LGBTQ community and our Allies, will turn voters off. Instead, we believe that by showing our differences (and presenting them in a forum where most people get their news and information: Online) voters in and out of the LGBTQ and Allied communities will hear the message loud and clear that what we are after is equal right, unequivocally, as who we really are: a wonderful, vibrant, culture whose right to marry the person they love is up for popular vote. It should always be popular to vote for love. A vote to Approve R-74 is a vote to Approve Love.”

At noon on September 6, 2012 a new coalition launched officially in Seattle, Wash. with the distinct goal of uniting the LGBTQ communities and allies in a way that has never been done before.

SOSea is a coalition of LGBTQ and allied persons who care about the issues, politics, and social inequalities that exist in the world. Since July 2012, founding members have worked with local LGBTQ and allied businesses, orgs, clubs, groups, and individuals that believe in the SOSea mission. SOSea is governed by a dedicated group of local LGBTQ and Allied committee members.

SOSea is a robust group with real-world professionals staffing support positions such anti-bullying and LGBTQ youth suicide prevention director, communities of color outreach, social media director, LGBTQ and Allied youth director and more.

The coalition’s mission is to empower the Seattle LGBTQ and allied communities to work together to address and ultimately fix social justice issues in Seattle and beyond. SOSea uses social media, video production, photo messaging, editorial content and more, to get the message out that inequality will not be tolerated.

SOSea’s vision is a community where LGBTQ and allied communities come together in response to social justice issues they support or condemn, help LGBTQ and allied businesses, orgs, clubs, and individuals in need of advocacy, and organize public rallies for visibility.

To learn more and to see how you can get involved with SOSea, “LIKE” the coalition on Facebook and Tweet the love on Twitter.



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