Washington United for Marriage Announces June Fund Raising Total of $952,267

Washington United for Marriage Announces June Fund Raising Total of $952,267

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Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the broad coalition working to defend the bipartisan marriage law and Approve Referendum 74, announced Monday that the campaign raised $952,267 in June, driven in large part by new in-state donors and representing the highest monthly intake for the campaign, bringing total contributions to over $2 million.
At the same time, WUM now has more than 1,000 volunteers actively working to Approve Referendum 74, with 20 phone banks operational each week resulting in hundreds of conversations with voters every night.  
With 90 percent of June’s contributors hailing from Washington State, WUM’s campaign manager Zach Silk said the final numbers demonstrate the passion and intensity across the state to protect the new law.  The month’s tally is particularly significant given that June signaled the start of the campaign when the state certified opponents’ signatures and officially placed Referendum 74 on November’s ballot.
“With more than 4,200 individual donors in a single month, it’s clear that people in Washington do not want this law overturned and believe strongly that everyone should be able to marry the person they love,” said Silk.  “We are so grateful to those who understand that money in the door now enables us to build a winning campaign that protects marriage by approving Referendum 74 in November.”

Among the highlights in the June financial filing:

  • Total online contributions were $219,000, with an average donation of just under $70.
  • 79 percent of overall June donors contributed $100 or less.
  • June brought in 4,282 new donors, bringing the total donor pool to just over 7,300.
  • There were 482 out-of-state donations, totaling $105,587, with the average gift just above $219.
  • House parties across the state brought in $31,552 from friends, neighbors and family members, who gave an average gift of $35.
  • Two significant major donor gifts of $100,000 apiece from Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer.

“What’s so heartening about June is that people here are doing what they can,” added Silk, “whether that’s staffing a phone bank, canvassing at one of our Pride celebrations or hosting a house party for their friends and neighbors.  June’s overall totals, both in volunteers and donors, shows we’re building a winning campaign.”



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