Washington United for Marriage Video Contest ‘Why Marriage Matters to Me’

Washington United for Marriage Video Contest ‘Why Marriage Matters to Me’

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Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the statewide coalition working to defend the bipartisan marriage law by approving Referendum 74, today announced a video contest calling on people to submit 30-second videos answering the core question of “Why Marriage Matters to Me.”

The contest, open to contestants anywhere, but with a particular focus on the special creativity and talent that makes Washington state unique, will be open for 45 days until August 15.  WUM will then select three finalists and post those videos Aug. 16 on WUM’s website, Facebook site and other social media streams allowing people to vote for their favorite one.  The winner will be announced on Aug. 20.  

The winner(s) will also receive two, 3-day passes for Bumbershoot, one of America’s largest music and arts festivals and Seattle’s premier summer event, Sept. 1-3; and a grab bag of releases and other merchandise from Sub-Pop Records (Nirvana, Soundgarden).

A video outlining the contest and featuring Lacey All, chair of Washington United for Marriage, can be seen here.

“This contest couldn’t be more wide open,” said All. “Yes, there’s a 30-second time cap, but everyone will have their own, unique way of answering the question of ‘Why Marriage Matters’.  It can simply tell your own personal story or highlight your family’s commitment.  It can feature your partner, your neighbors or even you softball team or church choir.  We know there’s a lot of creativity and passion around defending our marriage law and this outlet is one way to both ignite and share it.”

Source: Washington United for Marriage



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