Watch: These French Kids Defy Their Own Gender Toy Stereotypes

Watch: These French Kids Defy Their Own Gender Toy Stereotypes

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By Alex Temblador, The Next Family

Systeme U, a retail corporation, created a wonderful ad about their U Supermarket Christmas catalog and it has many parents in smiles. The ad is called #GenderfreeChristmas and features a group of French children who begin the video by sharing the differences between boys and girls. Some children note that girls like pink toys and boy like blue toys. A few girls even note that boys don’t know how to take care of children and boys go to work and take care of families.

The commercial explains that children are surrounded by gender cliches and stereotypes from the moment they are born. The next part of the commercial gets interesting. Systeme U built a few different sets and filled them with toys such as kitchens, race car tracks, baby dolls to play “house,” cleaning toys, toys that are tools, and much more. Although the children were clear that there are “boy toys” and “girl toys” in their original interview, when they are set loose upon the sets, Systeme U was able to capture something wonderful: when it comes to toys, there is no gender.

Many of the girls play with stereotypical “boy” toys and many of the boys chose to play with “girl” toys. At the end of the commercial, U Supermarket announces that this experiment inspired them to create a Christmas catalog that is free of gender stereotypes.

What a wonderful commercial for the holidays! We love that more toy companies are understanding the value in not stereotyping toys for children and we hope that more companies follow in step.



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