Westboro Threatens to Picket Boston Funerals

Westboro Threatens to Picket Boston Funerals

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The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again.

While responders to the bombings at Boston’s Copely Square were still on the scene, the Westboro Church tweeted: “THANK GOD FOR THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBS!! Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals of those killed #PraiseGod.”

The group claimed that Massachusetts asked for the bombings by being the first state to allow same-sex marriage.

In retaliation to their tweet, the group Anonymous responded with: “If #WBC protests the Boston funerals, they will have to expect us.”

Westboro Church, the Kansas-based anti-Semitic, anti-gay group has picketed everything from soldiers’ funerals to the funerals of the Tucson, Arizona massacre victims. When they threatened to picket the funeral of Sandy Hook victims, Anonymous published members’ personal information online and hacked their online media accounts.

They also launched a petition stating, “The Westboro Baptist Church is better-known for homophobic displays, suing people and picketing funerals than for providing Christian care to a community. Due to their harassment and politicking, their IRS tax-exempt status should be immediately investigated.”

Should the Wesboro Church show up at Boston funerals, Anonymous has made it clear they will be there, too.



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