What is the Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam and How Do You Pass it?

What is the Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam and How Do You Pass it?

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If you’re one reliable IT individual or simply a Google enthusiast, chances are, you’ve come across this popular designation or might even aiming to get such validation. There are several Google Cloud Certifications that are continuously attracting a wide range of IT professionals, from engineers to administrators to architects.

And if you are a cloud architect looking for ways on how to expand your horizon and be on top of the constant competition, then earning Google Professional Cloud Architect is a manna from heaven. However, you need to work hard to get such respected certification because all Google Cloud certifications are considered quality assessment of your technical skills for a particular job in the IT industry. Plus, these are all beneficial to your IT profile and career in the future.

What is Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification?

Each Google Cloud certification uses an extensive range of high-quality methods to validate one’s knowledge and skills associated with Cloud’s proficiency standards. And one notable certification for a specific profession is Google Professional Cloud Architect.

This certification explains one’s mastery in designing, building and administering dynamic solutions on Google Cloud environment, with the main goal to keep abreast with the businesses’ objectives. And as a Professional Cloud Architect, this means that you have a thorough comprehension about cloud architecture, as well as Google Cloud Platform.

How to Pass It?

Now that you know what Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification is all about, let’s discuss how you can earn it. Just like any other certification, you need to pass the certification exam.

Professional Cloud Architect exam objectively validates one’s skills to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and critical skills for the job function. Featuring multiple choice and multiple select question type, this 2-hour exam is available in English and Japanese and must be completed in-person at one of Google’s testing center areas. Conveniently, there aren’t prerequisites before you take the exam. So, all you need is ample amount of preparation, hard work and determination are important.

Know the Exam Guide

To begin your path to success, you must get to know Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect exam guide. Highlighting six significant sections, here are the following objectives that should be understood thoroughly:

Section 1: Designing and planning a cloud solution architecture

Section 2: Managing and provisioning solution Infrastructure

Section 3: Designing for security and compliance

Section 4: Analyzing and optimizing technical and business processes

Section 5: Managing implementation

Section 6: Ensuring solution and operations reliability

Review Some Case Studies

Study guides are some of the most useful study references. These materials demonstrate fictitious businesses that describe different solution concepts that may be tackled during the exam. As provided by Google Cloud to add context to the test questions, the following are sample case studies that should be reviewed comprehensively: JencoMart,MountkirkGames, Dress4Win and TerramEarth.

Take Training Courses

Training courses help you cover all the objectives effectively, and conveniently, Google Cloud offers a wide array of options, varying in training duration, location and fee. All of these instructor-led classes start with an overview of all Google Cloud Platform solutions and services. Depending on the chosen training course, you will get extensive knowledge through different demos, presentations, hands-on labs and practice exams. It is necessary not to stick with just one training course because each training course focuses on different agenda. Accordingly, choose those that will expand your knowledge and hone your technical skills.

Answer the Practice Exam

After taking training courses, the best way to test how well you understand the discussions is by answering  and using Prepaway Exam for Cloud Architect. This is very useful to help you familiarize the question types and patterns even before the real certification exam. Also, this will relatively ascertain your readiness, if you need more preparation to fill in certain lapses. Passing the practice exam gives you confidence but you should still prepare for the actual exam because it’s way longer, plus it covers a more extensive range of topics. The good thing about this practice test provided by Google Cloud is that you can take the exam again and again. Aside from the unlimited takes, there is no time limit, but it is recommended to complete it in 45 minutes or less to practice your speed. Just be careful not to close the practice exam window while you are taking the exam because it could not save your progress, so you need to start from the beginning.

Polish Your Skills with Practice Labs

Google Cloud makes your exam preparation easier and effective with the help of practice labs. Validate your knowledge through GCP Essentials, then followed by the Cloud Architecture quest. These two are provided by Google Cloud so that you can check the level of your mastery as well as get hands-on experience with the platform.

Check the Google Platform Documentation

Tailored with overviews and comprehensive discussions related to Google Cloud Platform concepts and components, visiting the Google Cloud Platform Documentation is another constructive way to help you prepare for the exam.

Use to Advantage Your Experience

Though this exam does not require any prerequisites, having a background related to the certification is very advantageous. Draw on your own real-life experience so that it would be easier for you to prepare for the exam. Jumping into an exam journey without any knowledge and hands-on experience about Google Cloud Platform and Infrastructure is completely difficult because you’ll be starting from ground zero. So before making a move, make sure you are more than 100% ready, and that includes your own work experience.

Now, It’s Time to Get certified!

Earning a Google Cloud certification is truly a charm. These certifications not only validate your knowledge and technical expertise but also take your IT profession to the top. Employers are highly attracted to IT professionals with certifications such as Google Cloud, hence gaining market leverage as well as industry recognition. And once you earn the Google Cloud Architect certification, this means that you are ready to show the world that you can transform businesses by designing, developing and managing Google Cloud technologies. So, schedule your exam and get certified!



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