World Nomads Releases Color-Coded Map of Intolerance for LGBTQI Travelers

World Nomads Releases Color-Coded Map of Intolerance for LGBTQI Travelers

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gaytolerancemapwnGlobal travel insurance provider has released a map of (in)tolerance – revealing which countries are potentially dangerous for LGBTQI travelers because of legal status and societal attitudes. The company says it’s important gay travelers make conscious and informed decisions about the places they choose to travel. And yes, that’s the colors of the gay pride flag.

In total, 72 countries and territories worldwide criminalize same-sex relationships, including 45 in which sexual relationships between women are outlawed. In eight of those countries homosexuality can result in a death penalty, and there are dozens more in which homosexual acts can result in a prison sentence. But the same is not true elsewhere in the world, and this color-coded map is designed to help LGBTQI travelers make informed decisions about where to go.

You can see the map and read a full description at World Nomads.

RED: Homosexuality is illegal. The death penalty may apply.

ORANGE: In these countries homosexuality is legal, but by default. They have never enacted legislation specifically outlawing it. Its perhaps more accurate to describe the legal situation as “not officially illegal”.

YELLOW: have legalized homosexuality, but there is no other protection for the LGBTQI community, and there is often open hostility from the majority of the population.

GREEN: have legalized homosexual acts, but have a very limited number of other protections against discrimination.

BLUE: have legalized homosexuality and have a wide range, but not all, protections in place.

PURPLE: Three cheers for these countries, they’ve legalized and codified same-sex marriage and offer (generally) a full suite of protection of rights. 

“Of course you may still encounter individuals with intolerant attitudes in those countries, but mostly the society is accepting and inclusive.” said travel safety expert at, Phil Sylvester.

Sylvester pointed out that there was no coverage under policies if a traveler was arrested, detained or fined under anti-gay laws.

“As much as we abhor these laws, all travel insurers are prohibited from covering illegal activity, and legality is defined by the laws of the country you’re in,” he said. “It pays to be aware of these places of intolerance so you can avoid falling foul of discriminatory laws by mistake. Better to be informed and safe.”



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