Worst Soccer Accidents of All Time

Worst Soccer Accidents of All Time

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soccer photoSoccer is one of the most loved sports in the world – as many people watch and enjoy it. Close to soccer are jeux de casino gratuits sans téléchargement. Each of these sports can cause harm to an individual. That is why today we are looking at the worst ever soccer accident of all time.

Soccer Disasters

Eduardo Da Silva

While during match on February 08 Eduardo received an appalling tackle. The match was against Arsenal and Birmingham. The defender Martin Taylors were at that point immediately dismissed. Eduardo returned to play a year after had recovered fully. This is because the tackle left them with a broken left fibula and dislocated his left ankle.

David Busst

In 1996, during a match between Old Trafford and Man United, David Busst from Old Trafford collided with Denis Irwin from Man U. In this injury, Bust broke his leg so bad that it pierced the skin. Although Busst recovered could never play again. In addition, the United goalie who witnessed the accident needed counselling.

Francesco Totti

Franssesco Totti suffered a serious injury while playing the Italian Championship. He fractured his left tubular and the interconnecting ligaments with the malleolus and online betting offers. On the same night, he got an operation.

Inigo Diaz de Cerio

Inigo Diaz Cerio suffered a serious injury in 2008. This was after he collided with the SD goalie Zigor. The injury caused him to fracture his right legs tibia and fibula. He did, however, have a slow but effective injury, returning to the field a year later.

Djibril Cisse

Djiril Cisse fractured his right leg after facing a tackle by the Shandong Luneng defender. This was during a friendly international match in Saint Etienne , France 2006.

Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul suffered an injury that twisted his ankle after trying to recover a ball for his team. He was able to return to the field after many months of recovery.



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