Young Republicans Object to Rick Santorum’s Visit to Washington State

Young Republicans Object to Rick Santorum’s Visit to Washington State

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Meghan McCain/Michelle Rattinger

Rick Santorum is scheduled to speak at fundraising events on October 9 and 10 in Spokane and Bellevue, respectively, in an effort to help Protect Marriage Washington’s efforts to reject Referendum 74, which would repeal the Washington State’s bipartisan marriage equality law.

The former senator has likened same-sex relationships to incest, bestiality, and polygamy; he has linked same-sex marriage to the tragedies of 9/11; and he has slandered same-sex parents by calling them worse than “imprisoned fathers who have abandoned their children.”

Meghan McCain, an MSNBC contributor, columnist for the Daily Beast, and daughter of Senator John McCain, said the choice of Santorum contradicts the Republican Party she and others believe is more broadly representative and welcoming.

“Every day more and more Republicans at the national and state level support the freedom to marry – from Vice President Dick Cheney to Barbara Bush to my own mother,” said McCain.”This is not a partisan issue. Fewer and fewer people in our party support the kind of intolerant rhetoric that Senator Rick Santorum has used through the years to talk about gay and lesbian Americans.”

Margaret Hoover, who served in the Bush White House and is currently a CNN political contributor and the author of American Individualism: How a New Generation of Conservatives Can Save the Republican Party, said the choice of Santorum reveals a lot about the opponents of Referendum 74.

“It certainly makes sense that opponents of the freedom to marry would choose to feature Senator Rick Santorum for their closing arguments to voters,” said Hoover. “The senator has failed to understand that freedom to marry is consistent with the conservative movement’s emphasis on tradition. Marriage allows gays and lesbians to be part of this most sacred social institution, to form life-long commitments that strengthen families and communities and anchor civil society in self-sufficiency.  Extending freedom to marry to gays and lesbians makes our culture more stable, not less. Senator Santorum simply doesn’t represent the views of young conservatives nor, as the GOP primary process demonstrated, a winnable future for the Republican Party.

“These two national Republican leaders have it right — Referendum 74 is a non-partisan issue and Santorum represents possibly the very worst views of the past when it comes to including loving gay and lesbian couples in marriage,” said WUM campaign manager Zach Silk. “Both Hoover and McCain represent a growing number of Republicans who don’t understand why someone like Rick Santorum, with his extreme views, can still get center stage on this basic question of freedom and fairness.”

The Washington State PFLAG Council released a statement by Regional Director Kathy Reim, saying, “Respect, dignity, and equality are at the core of PFLAG’s mission. We ask that opponents of equality live up to their claim of respect for their lesbian and gay friends and neighbors by not highlighting a politician who has made a career out of disparaging our country’s gay and lesbian citizens.”

“We know the people of Washington State value and respect the diversity of their friends and neighbors. Mr. Santorum’s views fly in the face of these deeply held values,” said Colby Rezayat, President of the Washington State Council, representing 18 chapters and communities across the state.

Source: PFLAG and Washington United for Marriage



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  1. Well, that’ just too bad. You can object all you want, but you cannot control what other people think and how they behave. Many people believe Santorums views, and they are neither uniformed or idiots.

    ALL states have voted down gay marriage where it was put to a vote of the people and not left to left-leaning legislatures to reinterpret thousands of years of human history for their own gains.

    My predicition is that Washington state will elect a Republican governor for the first time in 30 years. And the presidential race will be a rout, with Romney winning handily.

    People are sick and tired of being told that perversion is normal, hating God is ok and paying taxes so that others can spout garbage ideas is a good economic plan.

    1. Well, “LA”–anyone who believes Santorum is clearly both bigoted and uninformed (maybe uniformed as well)

      I’ll point out that in 1967–and in the 70s and 80s–most if not all states would have voted down inter-racial marriage. You see, the US Constitution was devised so to stop the majority from becoming a tyranny. If you’re paying any attention, you’ll know that several federal courts have found DOMA unconstitutional–it violates at least two provisions of the Constitution. If–and likely, when–same-sex marriage reaches SCOTUS, the laws against it will meet the same fate as the anti-miscegenation laws did in Loving vs. Virginia.

      As to ‘thousands of years of human history’–which thousands you want? Ancient Greece, where SSM was normal and accepted? Medieval and Renaissance Europe, where brides were effectively sold? Or how ’bout the hundreds of places/times where marriage meant ‘whatever the rich want to do’?

      @ Terry Pratt: I don’t think gays are particularly boring to those who write for, and read, _The Seattle Lesbian_.

      As to ‘get a life’–what do you think SSM is in aid of?

  2. “…in an effort to help Protect Marriage Washington’s efforts to reject Referendum 74, which would repeal the Washington State’s bipartisan marriage equality law.”

    This is badly written and could confuse voters. I realize that the final clause is meant to refer to “reject Referendum 74”, but the structure makes that clause say that the Ref. would repeal the law. Which is wrong. Voters should understand that by voting “Yes” on R. 74, one supports marriage equality.

    I’ve in fact read that there is a phony ‘organization’ calling folks and saying the opposite, namely that a ‘no’ vote is needed to support marriage equality. I hope that outfit’s blatant lie gets its supporters tossed into the cells they deserve, but that’s unlikely.

    In any case:

    Support Marriage Equality and vote YES on Ref. 74

  3. Gays are boring, as well as the endless stories about them.
    Get a life, move on and stop trying to be the center of “everyone’s” lives. Yaaaawn

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