Your Guide to the Night-In Craze Sweeping Seattle’s LGBTQ Community

Your Guide to the Night-In Craze Sweeping Seattle’s LGBTQ Community

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Seattle is an exciting and vibrant city for all communities of people, offering incredible sights, thrilling sports teams – which will soon include an elite-level hockey team in the NHL – and even some of the biggest entertainment acts in the world, such as Disney’s The Lion King.

While there are many venues catered to delivering a fantastic night out, a new night-in craze has swept the LGBTQ community of Seattle. Everyone is so busy these days with work and fulfilling social needs, and so a night in has become a much-anticipated event when you can just relax and do whatever you want. In the age of superfast internet and apps for everything, people who want to be entertained want it instantly, especially as free time is so fleeting.

But there are many forms of night-in entertainment which deliver an exciting time to help bridge the gap from being used to going out to relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Given the weather and modern day life, it should come as no surprise that even the most thrill-seeking of Seattle’s community is opting for more nights-in. So, to help you enjoy your night-in, we’ve devised this list of the most popular instant entertainment options used by Seattle’s LGBTQ community.

Binge some top quality LGBTQ movies

Films and shows featuring a character from the LGBTQ community is no longer a rarity, and there are hundreds of hours of binging that can be done with these progressive shows. All of the major streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon boast superb gay movies as well as long-running shows, but of the three, Amazon has the higher-quality of content. Headlining Amazon’s offering is the Oscar-winning Moonlight, followed by the likes of The Handmaiden, Women Who Kill, Poison, Appropriate Behaviour, and Lawrence Anyways. If your night-in is to based around sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying some great movies, check out Amazon.

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Fun and relaxing gaming with ease

Not only is convenience important to your night-in, but having a wide selection of choices to suit any mood that you may be in is also pivotal to your enjoyment. One of the most popular gaming pastimes right now is that of online casino gaming. As the major casino software developers offer hundreds of games to websites, there’s a game that’s suited to everyone and they put a lot of efforts to meet each player expectations.

For this very reason, a great casino to play at needs to boast hundreds of games, from casino classics like blackjack to the latest slots, and have a great mobile app as they’ve become the go-to tools for easygoing gaming fun. With a great online casino, you can try to win on the spin on roulette or Mega Moolah while relaxing and watching a great new movie.

The new way to game, however you see fit

For those looking to enjoy some games during their night-in but want something more like traditional video games, the Nintendo Switch and its massive library of all forms of games – from triple-A to indies – is the perfect console. Not only can you slouch on the sofa and play games like Mario and Pokemon on the television, but you can also use the Switch as a handheld, touchscreen console for play while preparing some food in the kitchen or while catching up on the show that everyone’s raving about.
There are so many great ways to make your night-in both relaxing and entertaining through the use of streaming services and gaming.



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