ZooTunes Concert Review: Indigo Girls

ZooTunes Concert Review: Indigo Girls

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My favorite band since, oh let’s just say, a LONG time – the Indigo Girls – rocked Woodland Park Zoo at the annual ZooTunes Concert Series in Seattle. Opening true to Indigo Girls style was a fabulous band, Mount Mariah, getting the night off to a rousing start. Mount Mariah would fit nicely into your playlist of guitar picking and soul-searching vocal harmonies.


Mixed in with the mandatory “Closer to Fine” and “Galileo,” the Indigo Girls are taking this tour to introduce their new CD titled Beauty Queen Sister (release date scheduled for October 4, 2011). The concert crowd was ready with blankets spread all over the lawn.

A true family event, ZooTunes is a great venue if you wish to chat, socialize with new friends and dance with your children.

On a downward note, if you expect to see your favorite band up-close and ensure an exceptional view by buying VIP tickets, you will be sorely disappointed. Acoustically it was the perfect spot. This was good because the 13-plus rows of blankets in front of you afforded no view whatsoever. If you wanted to see the band antics on stage you would have needed to bring a telephoto lens like the smart couple next to me.



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